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January 5th, 2010:
The lights are now off and are in the process of being taken down. We hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday Season with their family and friends! We wish you well in the new year!


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Christmas in Chino was created to spread the Christmas spirit to our community. Hopefully our lights will help get you in the Holiday spirit.

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StevenWalI wrote on 12-Jul-2014:

Артем Криворучко, Артем Криворучко Лысов.

reavof816 wrote on 12-Jul-2014:

Speaking of girls school uniforms, the first reaction of many people is the sailor. From the twenties of this century began to use the classic clothing has become almost synonymous with Japanese girls school uniforms, striped collar before the rear triangle, dark skirt and chest ribbon or bow knot characteristics. Before this century, the vast majority of anime in the high-born lady image is definitely wearing a sailor suit, among which Sailor Moon and turned around are a sailor suit is set to impact most . However, think carefully, in recent years, the real use of traditional sailor anime really did not think much. In the OP hymn singing sailors Lucky Star in the hills high school girls summer cherry sailor uniforms can be regarded as a template. And The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in the North High uniform tops girls can only be regarded as a relatively standard sailor suit, because it is not downloading pleated skirt strict sense. Dark sailor suit with white stripes in the anime is definitely rare species, this conservative style we can also Madonna in the series a pro-Ze. In more occasions, just as a sailor elements and other elements with uniform, thus the birth of a new form. If the uniforms for men and women in the traditional sense is old school uniform sailor plus, then with their corresponding new wave is folder gram suit jacket suit. This style is used in some of the private academy animation describing them, and usually winter. Style suit coat common in some men and women when you can - of course the girls will still waist coat. A very new and very orthodox examples from this years New Fan PERSONA Holy Spirit, which is a higher portion of a typical school uniform shirt for men and women the same paragraph. This jacket is characterized by a cross-shaped decorations and left front chest square LOGO, and lively impression Bottoms black pleated skirt formed an interesting contrast. Handsome and lovely, which is the biggest selling point of the suit-type un

dirmee wrote on 10-Jul-2014:

The sixth infinite indifference saw the appearance of unusually a multitude of these monasteries

ezamqx809 wrote on 09-Jul-2014:

Since the reform and opening up, Chinas most corrupt officials are those most traitorous liberal officials. In China, corrupt officials, liberals and adultery are the most common tradition since the reform and opening up, in this tradition, such a case Testimony couple is perfectly normal. Lord Acton Testimony events detailed in Appendix liberal tendencies that absolute power corrupts absolutely. History has proven this statement is true only for liberals just the right. Because the history of mankind since civilization, pre-capitalist society, there were plenty of traditional religious beliefs had mastered power and capital, but never corrupt. The socialist-communist societies are more numerous believers who have not yet mastered the powers of corruption. On the contrary, in the history and reality, those liberal believers once in power and capital, we can not find no corruption cases. Because both the traditional religious values 鈥嬧€媜r communism, its core is stressed people should pursue spiritual values 鈥嬧€? people should be selfless, collectivism, altruism, although the former while the latter is ignorant of science. Only liberal values 鈥嬧€媋s before will enjoy the value of core material: But so-called core liberal individualism, personal interests and individual rights, rational selfishness, money worship and other concepts. All in all, the bourgeois liberal philosophy is to teach people to corrupt, selfish, self-serving philosophy, but also of course for this kind of corruption and selfishness, self-serving defense of the philosophical roots of the current bureaucratic corruption, the first is the lack of institutional oversight , there is a system set supervision Maoist cadres, these are liberal reformers in the name of reform and opposition to the destruction of the extreme left. This enables officials at all levels to do whatever they want in the name of reform, relying on reforms to make the world, in the name of reform lawlessness. In

actxsi588 wrote on 09-Jul-2014:

Main contents: Amoy treasure before the top 5 best boutiques like online shopping sisters might more clearly, the number of womens clothing stores on Taobao is considerable, womens uneven quality of each store, relatively large difference . This leads to a lot of JM in the purchase of women, often need to spend a lot of time to tell Taobao Which is the best clothing store! In order to help our friends in the purchase of clothes, do not spend too much time, more easily enjoy the shopping process. Even here, according to the majority of buyers in the evaluation of various womens clothing store, combined with their understanding of the various shops, summed up the comprehensive index of the five best womens shop on Taobao. Even that good clothing must meet four conditions: One is the seller of the favorable rate was high, at least 97%; second is faster delivery dispensers, this is very important; the third is 97% buyers above its evaluation of price and quality to be excellent; Finally, the seller has joined the Taobao consumer protection agreement, such sale is guaranteed. Even been collated in my personal blog in the top five out of this womens clothing store. This five storefronts, are very high reputation, good quality shops. Women are very temperament, more unique luxury, high taste. Of course, the price is relatively little high, you pay for thing. This is because a good quality clothing, but also have more quality, but women are the latest styles on the market this year. Womens style is very close to the fashion and trend. Treasurer good service. This clothing store favorable rate up to 99%, and joined the Taobao consumer quality and service assurance systems, so aftermarket more secure. If you want to buy some of the more ladies temperament and taste, then choose this shop is very suitable. Treasurer relatively approachable reputation on Taobao better. Relatively new style of clothing, delivery speed pretty fast. Sell 鈥嬧€媘ore types of women, there are h

dfksbw494 wrote on 08-Jul-2014:

Li Xin (a pseudonym) has been a very troublesome, always buy LV bag on the counter, she whim one day net purchase of a LV handbag. It is this experience of online shopping bags, she said some silent According to the website, LV handbag shipped from Paris, picking time is 1520 days. But to make Li Xin unexpectedly, less than a week on the bag shipped from Beijing to the Li Xin hands, and there is no invoice for why Paris Shopping shipped from Beijing, Fifth Avenue luxury online customer service explained , the site is different from the individual purchasing overseas buyers purchasing the product must be reported to the tariff, the first is the Beijing headquarters, and then send out the goods. In case of an individual brand models selling well, it is usually a few multi-store purchasing headquarters in Beijing, delivery speed will naturally shorten but Li Xin found nets Fifth Avenue luxury goods not board sent the bag. After the home LV bag for comparison, she thinks this is not a genuine handbag online shopping, so refuse to sign and return to the site so that Li Xin never thought that the Fifth Avenue luxury network refused after receiving the goods and No refunds, customer service personnel to the site, she said, unless the bags have quality problems, or even reject, advance payment can not be returned to her, only to retreat into account the face of consumers questioned the website, Fifth Avenue luxury online former head of the Customer Service Centre Fan Rong also to the Daily Economic News reporter bag offers these small ticket purchasing the electronic version, but small ticket display, purchasing location of the package by the Hong Kong Shopping in Paris to become Hong Lee Hope some silent that cheated on her website. Li Xin has once again asked the same paragraph above website shipments LV bag, along with purchasing small ticket. But Li Xin After receiving the bag, still believe that this package is not genuine, and thus refuse to sign and return because th

Marbzm wrote on 07-Jul-2014:

On to see the bone the houses in the cities, visitors usually instinctively ask how come the houses systematically

XRumerTest wrote on 07-Jul-2014:

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