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January 5th, 2010:
The lights are now off and are in the process of being taken down. We hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday Season with their family and friends! We wish you well in the new year!


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(January 5th, 2010)

Welcome to Christmas in Chino!

Christmas in Chino was created to spread the Christmas spirit to our community. Hopefully our lights will help get you in the Holiday spirit.

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And hear his home was already dusk children, have been put on the dinner table, eat cooking flowers, scrambled eggs, bread flour. Together we push lightly a few mouthfuls of rice, vegetables Li Jie gave reporters talk the talk of the town flower Daodao Er vegetables thirty years, he did not relax for each planting session. After a year in October to dig vegetable, early in November began the first step: The next seed children will be loaded individually rapeseed seedling tray, covered with a shed, covered with insulation above the straws child . Such as seedlings grow, a second procedure: nursery, regular watering care. Grow cauliflower will experience a full winter nursery seedlings during the first drink of water, due to the use of the village high cost wells, hear his home and his wife begins fetching water, then pour the water back into the kettle Each seedling leaves. Management period, also need to pay attention to clearing snow to prevent seedlings frostbite. After the seedlings grow taller and so began the third step: be planted, ditching land, seedlings buried with bent bars and rainbow tree hut made of plastic film. In mid-March the weather gets warmer, to air rises, vegetable shoots see high stick after fertilization insecticides, can be harvested in early May watching the TV weather forecast, check again talk of the town back to the ground to prevent people from stealing food in the garden, lost a very common dish in the countryside, high vegetable prices have lost more than tenfold drop in price this year, dishes, thieves also less. talk of the town before going to put down saying: Go to bed early, four oclock start tomorrow cut vegetables. evening, Lao Li said the family was too small, inconvenient, let reporters live in the dorm next to the Village at 4:00 each chop dish a jin, Tables, chairs, as well as those not stacked neatly finished drying clothes size = 2> Pick up a dozen good clean clothes, went to the simple cloth wardrobe preparation into

hvehdz745 wrote on 15-Jul-2014:

On an unprecedented FIFA World Football History Day held at the annual awards ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland, FIFAs Brazilian star Marta won the title of Best Female Athlete, which is Marta fifth consecutive time since crowned Miss World football has become The first Queen The FIFA best female athlete award, Marta order. fifth consecutive triumph in the vote masses, three World Soccer Miss winner Prinz to., followed by Germany Nova 宸翠紛鎷夌帥浼?get about a third of the vote this year ranked Marta was born in the age of Alagoas in Brazil, innate talent and the football kingdom subtle football atmosphere will let Marta childhood In football jump a gorgeous samba dance. Her left foot can be like Maradona as playing the piano, constantly changing the elegant and graceful notes, and in the middle of this casual performance art, often resorted to make the other players can instantly appalled Shazhao Marta talent began to show on the world stage in years, she became the top scorer in the Brazilian Championship. Years due to the leadership of the Brazilian team won the gold medal in the Pan American Games, she was invited by the Swedish giants Ume氓 team landing in Europe, and hit the goal in the next year to help the team convincingly won the league championship. Season, Umea again unbeaten League summit as the core of the team rattling generals, Marta has once again won the league top scorer title. In the same year, only the age of Marta led the Brazilian team on winning the Pan American Games gold medal on home soil, and top-scorer goals. Marta was named FIFA for the first time in the best female athlete, began its addition to the outstanding individual skills, Marta also has a generally elusive female players in the world womens football speed of up to five years of rule. Whether the opponent is tall and mighty European player or players in Latin America known for its speed, Marta Yigai as if no matter, she waiting for, start, accelerate, like the cheetah is

awwavx809 wrote on 13-Jul-2014:

I am a bag, high school into the school the same day more than a new name, a friendly classmate told me that this was right for me. Although I do not let people see through the Peugeot round face, but friends say it is more sweet, more. So I smiled and accepted secretly I like fake Petty said he BOBO, at least at that time, did not adapt to the new environment before, I have been a good girl holding a law-abiding life upbeat attitude, surplus people smile each day, no smoking fight, do not curse, in addition to the occasional bicker and quarrel Azi, but in the eyes of others is really not a little temper it. Perhaps the reason for softer character, I soon integrated into the class circle, in a group of boys and girls smiling like a princess surrounded convinced that the better life I was a good student, every day wear neat uniforms rules listen each lesson. In the mixed vocational school, the contented as long as the good grades, the teacher will not fight all the trouble to look at you as a good student. This well-worn standards in the teachers eyes so I quickly became a model, of course Im not a nerd, his head is not a problem, otherwise I would not choose this vocational school. In addition to learning the professional aviation services, is in the continuation of the parents to work outside. The rest, after which the test is to open up my own life to exist uneasy molecular my body. Especially in the hot summer, they will be extremely active hot season, people lazy burnout, thoughts wander erratic broadcast automatically after lunch where Li is still talking indignantly patriotic education. Restlessness seemed to hear the rapid spread of small molecules, intrusive your ears. Occasionally look around four to go secretly into an ear, let Qingyang music ringing in my ears I like sunny summer sunshine lazy occasionally raised his head and hit him across the rows of heads out the window to see the flow of clouds overhead fans call call girls in the front row rotation b

FrancisToro wrote on 13-Jul-2014:

Артем Криворучко Лысов и Артем Криворучко

StevenWalI wrote on 12-Jul-2014:

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reavof816 wrote on 12-Jul-2014:

Speaking of girls school uniforms, the first reaction of many people is the sailor. From the twenties of this century began to use the classic clothing has become almost synonymous with Japanese girls school uniforms, striped collar before the rear triangle, dark skirt and chest ribbon or bow knot characteristics. Before this century, the vast majority of anime in the high-born lady image is definitely wearing a sailor suit, among which Sailor Moon and turned around are a sailor suit is set to impact most . However, think carefully, in recent years, the real use of traditional sailor anime really did not think much. In the OP hymn singing sailors Lucky Star in the hills high school girls summer cherry sailor uniforms can be regarded as a template. And The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in the North High uniform tops girls can only be regarded as a relatively standard sailor suit, because it is not downloading pleated skirt strict sense. Dark sailor suit with white stripes in the anime is definitely rare species, this conservative style we can also Madonna in the series a pro-Ze. In more occasions, just as a sailor elements and other elements with uniform, thus the birth of a new form. If the uniforms for men and women in the traditional sense is old school uniform sailor plus, then with their corresponding new wave is folder gram suit jacket suit. This style is used in some of the private academy animation describing them, and usually winter. Style suit coat common in some men and women when you can - of course the girls will still waist coat. A very new and very orthodox examples from this years New Fan PERSONA Holy Spirit, which is a higher portion of a typical school uniform shirt for men and women the same paragraph. This jacket is characterized by a cross-shaped decorations and left front chest square LOGO, and lively impression Bottoms black pleated skirt formed an interesting contrast. Handsome and lovely, which is the biggest selling point of the suit-type un

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